Trtcle - Continuing Legal Education

Trtcle - Continuing Legal Education

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By offering cross-platform lessons in the form of recorded video courses, live lectures, and lectures via teleconference, TRTCLE enables the full spectrum of legal professionals to learn on their own terms. Our course offerings are tailored specifically to the needs of each individual state in compliance with the BAR standards and have been designed with CLE requirements in mind.

As an organization we are committed to finding innovative and thoughtful ways to offer streamlined CLE courses that are as easy to complete and report to the BAR as they are comprehensive. As TRTCLE continues to expand, we will offer an even greater diversity of course material and maximize the teaching benefits of modern technology, all while maintaining our ethical foundations set forth in the visionary works of Dr. Brown.


TRTCLE is a family-run organization dedicated to providing high quality continuing legal education. Founded by Dr. William Brown, a clinical psychologist and one of the nation's leading lecturers on ethics and professionalism, TRTCLE has been creating engaging and forward thinking content for the past 28 years.

In 1991, Brown published The Right Thing, a book examining the ethical realities behind making the choice between right and wrong. Heavily influenced by the moral code prescribed in the book, Dr. Brown and his wife, Nett, founded The Right Thing (TRT) CLE.

TRTCLE has grown to be one of the leaders in online continuing legal education. While initially created with a focus on ethics courses, TRTCLE has expanded its scope to include a multitude of course subjects across 40 states. Our growing faculty, now over 40 lecturers from every facet of law practice, includes judges, medical specialists, and active legal professionals.


Our faculty of over 230 lawyers from around the country features some of the top legal minds in areas of ethics, corporate law, trial law, intellectual property, criminal law, real estate law, and more. Keep your practice sharp by learning from the best.

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